Mass Market Monday

Welcome to Mass Market Monday, where I highlight mass market paperback covers that I either love or loathe!

Mass markets always get the short end of the stick from the book community, but I’ve loved them since I was a wee baby reader, reading all the 5.99 MM paperbacks on the SFF shelves from the Books-A-Million in the mall.

Get a load of this vintage beauty!

The cover of Nova by Samuel R Delaney, featuring a floating naked woman wearing a sheet, a man with a robot arm, and a space ship

Is this not the most cheesy scifi cover? Vintage covers went hard on the weird and the overly-sexual, which is very apparent here. The way she just floats in space wearing nothing but a sheet! And his robot arm! It’s very Lego-Man chic.

Planets. A nebula. A very rotund space ship. This cover is so amazing, and I hope the cover artist (uncredited) is living his or her best life.

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