April is the Slumpiest Month

Monthly Reading Wrap Up

April was an absolutely awful reading month for me. Just terrible. Almost everything I managed to read was on audio because I just couldn’t focus on text. As of writing this post (April 28), I’ve finished 9 books and I’m about halfway done with number 10.

I know that is still a lot of books, and I’ve read a couple chunky ones this month as well. It shouldn’t make me feel lazy to have only read 9 books this month, but it’s hard not to get in the mindset that a real reader reads every day and finishes 20+ books each month. Even just looking at my TBR pile makes me feel guilty about not reading, which puts me further into a slump.

For the month of May, I am going to work on not feeling guilty about not reading as much. I will read what I want when I want, and if I am not feeling the book I will put it down. A DNF is not a failure; it is my mind telling me I want to read something different.

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