Wheel of Time Challenge update

Back In January, I posted a challenge for myself to entire Wheel of Time series in 2021. I had already read The Eye of the World, so I only had the remaining 14 books (13 + New Spring).

Well, so far I’m largely failing. I’ve finished the second book, The Great Hunt, and have started The Dragon Reborn. If I had stuck with my original reading plan, I would be about halfway done with Book 6 by now. The first quarter of this year got really bogged down and I dropped a lot of balls. My reading and my blog were both casualties.

But I’m back at it — I’ve added to my daily reading goal and have been making some progress at last. I should be catching up soon and then will be back on track.

I’m enjoying what I’ve read so far. Rand gets on my nerves quite a bit – I find him very whiny and I’m not a huge fan of how every woman he meets immediately falls in love with him. The first couple chapters stuck to a close 3rd person POV of my favorite character so far: Perrin. He’s not as whiny, he’s a lorge boy, and he talks to wolves. What’s not to love?

Give me a book with Nynaeve, Perrin, and Loial and I’d be happy. Maybe add in Thom, too.

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